Free your mind and body and enjoy learning......or in order to enjoy learning?

Do you enjoy learning, i.e. a new language or are you afraid every time you have to speak in another language?
Do you know that there is an easy technique to change this? Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)!
It is rooted in Eastern methods of acupoint stimulation and Western methods of psychology. I call it 'finger acupuncture', what means acupressure. Tapping helps our body shift into a relaxed state neutralizing effectively the underlying emotional issues manifested as psychological or physical symptoms. The efficiency is clinically approved. It works because of three factors: it is reducing stress levels, minimising the intensity of emotional trauma, and the best is - it rewires our brain's neurological networks. You can do it by yourself, whenever you want and stop it when you feel better emotionally. If you can detect your emotional trauma, you can heal it from the root. You use your intuition, the adequate sentences for you, and finally you can stop selfsabotage. You need only a few minutes per day, but the results are permanently. You can get into a more relaxed state, even if the original emotion was very strong. It is a powerful energetic healing technique which can help you to overcome also fears, like fear of flying or phobia and emotional blockades. 
I did my first tapping course in 2004, and I could not believe how fast I could obtain results. During my professional career as a teacher, I've seen a lot of people having good knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, but it was hard for them to speak because of hidden emotions or anxiety. The idea was born. Why not combine tapping with teaching? Nowadays I help everybody with all kind of emotional blockades. I speak English, German and Spanish.

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